Welcome To The New Retired by 40! + The New Year!

Welcome to the new Retired by 40!, and to 2016!

I admit it: I’m a sucker for fresh starts: new years, new months, new jobs, new homes.  

You name the fresh start, I’m excited for it!

So excited, in fact, that I practically jumped out of bed this morning, excited to get the new blog look & feel up and running, and to not only work through my goals for 2016, but to bring the worksheet that I use to you as well!

My husband laughs at me, since he’s more of a day-to-day person rather than the planner (ahem…schemer) that I am, but that’s ok.  Our differences make us work as a couple.

The new year, though is the mother of all fresh starts, which is why you’re seeing an entirely new look to RB40, the Life Uncomplicated theme, as well as the chance to win some really cool prizes every single month!

Starting the year off right begins with thinking through your passions, dreams, and goals that you want to see happen, as well as a good bit of hindsight concerning 2015.  

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2015 was truly an amazing year for me.  

I left my job as an accountant, launched The Pinterest Assistant, hired four people to help with that business, and purchased 12 new domain names for hobby projects.  

I know, I sound a bit insane,

But even though 2015 was truly awesome, and I need to now take what I learned in 2015 and apply it to my even larger goals in 2016.  

On the financial side, my husband and I achieved a few very amazing goals.  We paid off $24,000 in debt – which is nearly ALL of my husband’s take-home pay.  

{Read about how we paid off $24,000 of debt in 2015}

Additionally, we achieved our goal of living only on my husband’s income, essentially 50% of our income.  We also decided that purchasing property and building a house is in our very near future.  

We still do have plan to purchase a few investment properties, but the more pressing need is to move into a good school district, into a neighborhood where our daughter can actually have a swing set in the backyard, and where we can do things like going ATV-ing which is one of our favorite hobbies!

While 2015 brought more amazing things than I could have every imaged, it was also stressful.  Balancing the demands of self-employment with motherhood, and remembering to take time for myself was a struggle.  

I love to work, but there comes a point where I’m working too much.  

I was enjoying the success, but craving more simplicity.

Towards the end of 2015, one quote really stuck with me:


The blog and my business were my career, but they were coming at they were coming at the expense of building my life, which is why I decided to make a change here on the blog.

{Read My Blogging Income Reports}

This new look is reflective of my whole person.  

I love bright colors, they look like happiness to me!  

I also love more than personal finance (although that is still super important!).  I have discovered a love for decorating my home on a budget, for great, candid family photographs, for cooking, and yes, even for organizing!  

As I’ve spent more time at home, I’ve realized how important it is to manage my time, to allow myself time tot think creatively, and to make my home a beautiful place that I want to be!.

Since I’ve been the primary parent at home (a huge shift from the SAHD situation we had for the last year and a half) parenting has become increasingly important.  Teaching manners, work ethic, and so many other things have started occupying much of my time, and I’m excited to share what is and isn’t working with you!

I am certainly not complaining about 2015!

Rather, my heart says that my personal life needs to take more of a role every day, as well as be reflected here at Retired by 40!  

So, my mission this year is to embrace Life Uncomplicated through a series of monthly themes that are designed to hep you simplify every area of your life, stick to your budget, and and create meaningful family  moments, because living the frugal life should be hard or boring!  It should be simple and fabulous!

{Access The Main Life Uncomplicated Overview}

My heart is also telling me to outsource more of the work with The Pinterest Assistant and focus more on blogging.  

Blogging is how I started, and it has stayed my one true passion for 2 ½ years…probably the longest running thing I’ve been passionate about, if I’m being honest with you all!  

{Thinking About Starting a Blog?  Check Out My Blogging Journey}

As a thank-you for making this transition with me, I’ll be doing at least one giveaway each month – from inspirational T-shirts to budgeting resources and more that we will save to be a surprise later on.  

Everyone will have tons of opportunities to enter!  

{See the full details about giveaways here}

For the first freebie of the year, I’m giving you access to my 14-page goals planner!  It’s is chock full of inspiration for the year ahead, places to brainstorm what your truest passions and dreams are, as well as an action calendar to keep yourself motivated all year long!

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This workbook is in gorgeous, full-color, and will set you up for the best 2016 you can have!

Subscribe below to instantly access the planner, as well as gain 1 entry to each month’s giveaway!

To Your Best 2016,


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