How to Become a Virtual Assistant and Start Working From Home – Today

Gretchen’s note: This is a guest post from Trevor McKendrick of Zero to Entrepreneur about working from home (something I’m passionate about) as a virtual assistant.  If you are interested in submitting a guest post, you can find the guidelines here.  Take it away, Trevor!

A virtual assistant (or VA, for short) is just like a secretary or an executive assistant, except instead of working in the same office as your boss, you can work from anywhere.

Working as a VA is a great job for lots of different types of people. You can work from home, you don’t have crazy hours, and you learn a lot about different types of businesses.

Most importantly: it’s your company, so ultimately you’re the boss. If a client is particularly nasty to work for, you can always “fire” them.

There’s only a few pre-requisites to get started:

  1. A computer
  2. A solid Internet connection
  3. A quiet place to work

And let’s be serious here: the most important thing is to start! Perfection is the enemy of good. [Read More…]

5 Online Companies That Make Used Car Buying & Selling Simple

It is often very hard to look for a reliable source of used cars. There are a lot of factors to consider in buying a car. So, prior to purchasing, it is important to conduct an auto insurance comparison that can take into account the different insurance rates available for consumers as well as other relevant information.

If you’re in the market to buy or sell one or more used cars, you’re most likely looking to make or save some money, and probably as much as you honestly can. That’s why the finance aspect of buying or selling automobiles is so important, especially for individuals or private buyers and sellers. Not all dealer sites will help you out when it comes to the personal finance aspects of the process. It’s important to find a dealer site that will give financing information, help calculate loan payments, give service estimates, and generally give you the best finance options available.

Most consumers don’t trust dealers or the middlemen in used car transactions. They are more likely to find direct sellers to avoid the hassle of dealing with the middlemen. This is also one of the main reasons why there seems to be a stable growth of start up companies that offer just that—a place where buyers and sellers can directly interact with each other without the middleman.

Here are the top 5 companies you can look into when looking for used cars: [Read More…]

How To Save 80% On Puppy Shots

I may or may not have a problem with puppies.

We live in St. Louis, and spend much of our time in the rural areas in southern Illinois and Missouri, where there happen to be an abundance of free puppies.  Usually, The Big Guy is really, really good about not telling me when there are puppies up for adoption, especially the really cute ones, but I freely admit that since we’ve been married 3 of them have gone home with me because I just. Can’t. Help. Myself.

They’re a tiny little pile of wiggly butts and tales, and they’re so darn happy to see anyone who comes into their kennel!  Who could say no to that?

Obviously, I have a puppy problem, but since we’ve been working to stay within a strict budget for most of our marriage, I’ve also gotten pretty good at reducing puppy costs.  All puppy costs really, but the one trick I want to share with you today is all about saving money on puppy shots.

For our first dog, and just like most people do, we took our dog to the vet, paid $65 for the check-up and initial shots, and then washed, rinsed, and repeated every 3 weeks for the next 16 weeks……that totals $325 just for check-ups and puppy shot visits in the first 4 months of having a new wiggly little puppy – and that doesn’t even include the cost of spay/neuter, initial costs like leashes, collars, a kennel, bed, toys, food, etc. [Read More…]

I'm finding ways to be more efficient with our meals, with my business, and of course, with our finances. With that in mind, today I wanted to share with you the financial tools that we use to manage our finances.

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Move Over, Ward Cleaver, Women Are Taking Charge of Finances

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