Are You On Track To Retire? Betterment RetireGuide’s Got Your Back

Launched in 2010, has become the foremost automated investing service for people like you and me who want sound investing advice with minimal fees and action required on our part.

I first became aware of in 2013 and  I signed up almost immediately.  Their easy-to-understand – and use tool made me an instant convert.  My people are like me: you know you need to be investing, but don’t have the time or resources to do tons of research.  By investing with Betterment you’re automatically diversifying your investments which will lead to larger, more consistent returns.  On top the automated features, your Betterment account regularly rebalances and reinvests the dividends – ensuring that your money is working as hard as it can for you.

Betterment’s fees are unbelievably low for the service that they offer, currently .15% to .35%, and because of this, and their simplicity, we have almost all of our assets invested with Betterment and we’re loving it! Get up to 6 months of service free if you sign up here.

Betterment RetireGuide – Retirement Advice for Everyone

A few weeks ago, Betterment released yet another tool designed to make your investing experience – and ultimately your retirement – an easier to manage experience.  They called it RetireGuide, and it is an incredible tool for investors to to get recommendations for their retirement accounts. [Read More…]

4 Tips for Getting out of Debt and Living Debt-Free

Debt can be so uncomfortable, especially when you are trying to repay your debt while working on a tight budget like me. When you have little extra money, paying a debt may seem quite a daunting task. You may even get frustrated when much of the money goes towards paying interest. Here is tried-and -true advice to help you get out of debt and remain financially free.

1. Make a plan for payment

To get rid of debt while operating on a tight budget, you need to develop a plan. Determine how much money you owe, and write down the names of the particular lenders you owe. You need to prioritize which debts you need to pay first. Wesley Edens, a financial guru, suggests you can do this by considering the amount owed, interest rates and the terms of the loan. Next, you need to figure out how much money you can commit to paying each loan. It is prudent to pay the one with the highest interest rates first. You may also negotiate a plan of payment with your lenders to find out if they can reduce the debt, or give you better terms of payment. [Read More…]

2-Year Milestone: July Traffic & Blog Income Report

During my 1st Year Blogiversary post, I asked you all if you would be interested in my doing both a Pinterest post (since 60% or more of my traffic comes from Pinterest) as well as an income report now that I am actually making some money!  Your response was overwhelmingly “Yes!” so I’m going to start doing these Traffic & Income Reports on a monthly basis!

I believe that more bloggers should reveal their income, as well as some stats about their traffic to inspire and encourage others, so I’m am giving monthly updates about my income and traffic statistics. This is my actual blogging income, folks.

As I was putting this report together for ya’ll this month, I realized that this month marks 2 years for me – and for you!  It’s crazy to think that I have an almost 2-year old, a 2-year old blog, and how much my life has changed.  When I started this blog I was pregnant, working as an accountant, in a smelly, dark office.  I though I was living the dream.

But I wasn’t.

Fast forward 2 years and between this blog and my business, The Pinterest Assistant, I make a few thousand dollars each month.  I make enough that I can work from home, on my schedule, with my daughter on my lap (literally!) about half the time.  My husband does work, but we’re happier with our lives now than we ever have been before.

That being said, this is kind of a milestone Blog Income Report for me, so I’ll be including more detail than normal :-)

Let’s get started!

[Read More…]

Money Talk: Is our Debt Payoff Struggle Good For Our Daughter?

Is Our Debt Payoff Struggle Good For Our Daughter {Your Answers}

Last week, I asked you all some very important parenting questions: As a parent, one of my foremost priorities is making sure that I raise my daughter to be more than a productive member of society: I want her to be better than me. Now, I realize that I’m a fairly new parent, and I didn’t ... read more

Think retiring early is mind-boggling? Well, it can be, but it's also totally doable to retire early with these 9 things you must do to retire early.

9 Things You Must Do To Retire Early

Admittedly, we're not yet retired. Which, by extension means that there a still a lot of things we don't know about early retirement.  But what we do know is that more information, more research, more knowledge about early retirement is a good thing.  And, that when we implement the best things ... read more

My life is so much easier now that I've developed a work from home cleaning schedule. It's fast, its easy, and I'm giving it to you for free!

A Work From Home Cleaning Schedule

The biggest thing I'm noticing about being productive when working from home is that my clothing, my surroundings, and even the lighting effect my work ethic.  I have found that I can have uncombed hair, un-brushed teeth, and not even have eaten breakfast, but as long as I'm wearing some sort of ... read more