6 Budget Friendly Vacations

It’s the Summer of Fun here, ya’ll!

Not only are we planning to fill every available day with some sort of fun activity, we’re finding the best, most creative ways to do out Summer of Fun on a budget.  We’ve come up with awesome, budget-friendly vacations to take this summer.

And yes, we’re going to do them all! [Read More…]

16 Gmail Features That Will Help You Work Efficiently

I live and die by Google.

My blog post editorial calendar, Twitter, and Facebook editorial calendars are in google calendar.  All of my (5) email addresses are with Gmail.  My business, The Pinterest Assistant is almost entirely stored on Google Drive.  The only browser I ever use is Google Chrome.

You guys, I get panicky when I don’t have Google in my life.

Using Google products and services for so long has taught me some – 16 – really cool tips and tricks that I thought I would share with you today.  These Gmail features help me work more efficiently as a blogger, small business owner, and even as a mom.

These tricks have saved me hundreds of hours over the last 2 years, saved me tons of stress, and have even saved me money, so check them out, give them a try, and let me know what you think! [Read More…]

Fifth Third Bank Is Giving Away $1 Million in Job Coaching

Tracking Pixel As a fairly recent graduate, I can attest to how difficult it is to get a job. I have an accounting degree and have skills that are in high demand, but there is so much competition for jobs, even getting your resume in front of the right people can seem incredibly daunting – which is why I was thrilled to be presented with an opportunity to write this sponsored post on behalf of Fifth Third Bank.

According to Robert Meier, President of Job Market Experts,

Getting a job is anything but easy. On average, 200 people apply for every job opening. Only 2% of them actually get interviews. And 50% of all jobs aren’t even posted online.

Seems daunting, doesn’t it?

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So-called experts say you need millions to retire, but they're wrong. Here's why:

You Don’t Need $1,680,000.0 To Retire

Occasionally, when I have a minute, I like to poke fun at news articles.  Admittedly, this doesn't happen very often, because usually I'm busy with, you know, actual work.  But sometimes, I do actually have a minute, and when I don't indulge in celebrity gossip, it's mainstream news articles, and ... read more

Where To Find Common Sense Parenting Advice

Where To Find Common Sense Parenting Answers

My parents aren't in my life. Some of you may already know this because we're bloggy friends, or because you read my post on elopement, but my parents are not in my life by their own choice. I am so grateful to have wonderful in-laws, but as much as I would like for my in-laws to fill the void ... read more

Being self-employed isn't easy, but the benefits of being self-employed far outweigh the problems, at least for me

5 Benefits of Being Self-Employed

Last week, I was driving my dog to the vet’s office to get spayed, in St. Louis rush hour traffic.  I was sitting there with my little one in the backseat glued to Veggie Tales, the dog scrambling around the vehicle and I found myself getting pretty road rage-y. It was in that moment that I truly ... read more

Making The Summer of Fun A Reality (1)

Making The Summer of Fun Possible

We have unofficially dubbed this summer, The Summer of Fun. Why?  Because if it involves sun, fun, and food, we're doing it (as long it we can fit it in the budget) we're doing it!  It's all part of moving our focus from valuing possessions to valuing experiences.  You can never recapture lost ... read more