How I Got 2 Years of Free Diapers

I consider myself to be pretty frugal.

And even though we fail with out budget as often as we win, we’re focused on quality and value.  When we purchase an item, we’re more concerned about whether we actually need it and whether or not we are purchasing an item that will last us for years to come.  When it comes to services, we’re more focused on whether the value we’re getting out of it is more than the dollar amount we’re paying for it than the actual dollar cost of the service.

That’s all to say that when it came to diapering our daughter, who turns 2 next month, we decided that cloth diapers weren’t for us.  Those of you that use cloth diapers, you’re my heroes.  I have 3 younger brothers and they were all cloth diapered.  And since my youngest brother was 13 years younger than I am, guess who grew up with the whole process of cloth diapering?

Yep, you got it!

By the time I moved out (even though I wasn’t planning on having kids of my own) I knew that I definitely wasn’t going to do cloth diapers.  Thankfully, my husband was on board with this, and since I started my adventure in frugal living shortly after finding out I was pregnant (and this blog too!), I determined that this whole diapering thing wasn’t going to be an expensive adventure.

I worked up a stockpile of diapers while I was pregnant, and during the first 6 months after my daughter was born through a combination of making extra money, taking advantage of good deals, and a little bit of couponing – but if you don’t like couponing, don’t let that deter you.  I’ll explain in  a minute. Continue reading

Does Your Life Insurance Fit Your Life?

This post is part of the blog tour, which helps spread awareness of the importance of providing financial security for your family. September is Life Insurance Awareness month, so learn more with and how life insurance can protect your family and your finances.

Life moves at lightning speed.

One day, you’re sitting in high school, wishing for it to be over.  The next you’re in college, then married, and then you have kids.  It all goes so amazingly fast, and keeping your insurance up to date may (understandably) have slipped your mind.

If you’re still young and single, life insurance is probably  not a priority for you. But if you have dependents, a source of income that rely upon, and bills that need to be paid, then life insurance needs to be a part of your financial plan.

At every stage of life, your life insurance needs change: Continue reading

12 Do’s & Don’ts to Save Money on Halloween

I know it seems like Halloween is far away, but if you haven’t noticed, the stores are already putting out all of the paraphenelia.

If you look at the calendar, Halloween is less than 2 months away, which means that if you want to save money on Halloween, it’s time to start planning now!  There is no rule against having a thrifty and frugal holiday that your kids have a blast with, so check out the 12 Do’s and Don’ts for a frugal Halloween below to get you started! Continue reading

A Great Way To Make Extra Money + A Bonus!

I just recently added up how much money I’d made with Swagbucks since joining for our $1,000 by Christmas Email Course, and I was shocked!

$565 in Amazon gift cards for just a few minutes each day – isn’t that amazing?

I want everyone to take advantage of Swagbucks to make extra money if they can, especially now, because they are offering a HUGE bonus for new Swagbucks users:

Three for All is back at Swagbucks, but with a twist! That’s right, when you refer a friend to join Swagbucks between Tues, 9/8 and Wed, 9/30, and they earn 300 SB, they will get an additional 300 SB bonus AND YOU will also get a 300 SB bonus for referring them. The referred member must earn the 300 SB by Wed, 9/30 to get the bonus. Continue reading

3 Ways To Reduce Your Student Loan Payment

Gretchen’s Note: While I’m all for reducing your total debt load, sometimes you budget says it’s is necessary to reduce your monthly payment so you can stay afloat. Today, I’m welcoming Nate Matherson, co-founder of LendEDU, to give us some insight on ways to reduce your monthly student loan payment.

A staggering 43.3 million Americans now have student loan debt. The high costs of education has forced over 13% of the United States population to use student loan debt as a way to afford a higher education. Student loan debt doesn’t discriminate. There are 15 million student loan borrowers under the age of 30 and surprisingly 10.9 million student loan borrowers aged 30 to 39.

Paying down student loan debt isn’t an easy task. If you are a recent graduate or have low income, keeping up with monthly student loan payments might be overwhelming. If you find yourself struggling to save and budget around your student loan payments you are not alone. Luckily, there are a few options you can consider to reduce your monthly student loan payment. Continue reading