How to Save Money on TV with Amazon Prime

Get to know me, and you will know that there are two thing that I cannot live without:  My shows, and Amazon!  is anyone else as addicted to Amazon as I am?

At any rate, when I was a sophmore in college, Amazon offered it’s Amazon Student Membership for free!  With it, you got FREE 2-day shipping, so of course I signed up!  I didn’t really think anything of it after I graduated college, until The Big Guy and I became dissatisfied with the combination of Hulu Plus and Netflix we were using.  We refuse to pay for Satellite TV because of the cost, the contracts, and the availability of free TV just about everywhere!

How to save money on TV - how we watch TV for $39 a year with Amazon Prime!

Right on cue, Amazon sent me an email with a promotion code for half of Amazon Prime because I was an Amazon Student member!  Normally this service costs $99 per year, and provides free 2-day shipping on many products, e-book lending and discounts, and a truly exciting feature, free access to many Amazon Instant Videos!  Because of my Amazon Student Membership, Amazon was offering the Amazon Prime Membership for $39 per year!

Well, my brain went into overtime, calculating the savings:

amazon primeso, by switching to Amazon Prime, we are saving:

98% over the cost of Satellite TV – or $1,401.00 annually!
80% over the cost of Hulu Plus and Netflix – or $152.76 annually!

Even if you just up and pay the $79 per year for Amazon Prime, you are still saving:

95% over the cost of Satellite TV – or $1,361.00 annually!
59% over the cost of Hulu Plus and Netflix – or $112.76 annually!

How do I claim the Student Discount?

You can claim the student price by submitting either a copy of your transcript or class schedule!  Once you’ve verified to Amazon that you are actually a student, they will offer you the 50% of Amazon Prime rate that is good for 4 years.

How about show availability?
To be honest, we have never been hooked on shows found on the pricier satellite TV networks.  We usually prefer the more networked shows, and we have always been open to browsing the list of free shows and getting hooked on a new one!  However, if you cannot live without your Game of Thrones or Real Housewives, this may not be for you, as there are still quite a few shows that it costs to watch, even for Amazon Prime Members.

And, what about the streaming quality?
Virtually every show and movie is available in HD, so as long as your internet connection is up to par, there should be no video quality issues.  We have had the Amazon Instant Video Server go down on us once, and it was resolved within an hour!

Overall, I love Amazon Prime!  I earn tons of Amazon gift cards through , so the free 2-day shipping is wonderful!  The Instant Video selection is just enough to keep us entertained when we want to be, but doesn’t have enough available so keep us from more productive things!  And, you cannot beat the cost!

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  8. If you have a kid in college or even just a friend, they can sign up and you can share the cost and, more importantly, the benefits. I think you get up to 5 guest accounts. For the streaming, I just gave my login information to the person that I was sharing with.